Welcome to The Knitting network

Welcome to our new website, please stay tuned for more information.

We wish to thank the following websites www.knittingbrain.com and www.myamoo.com for their help and advice.

We are planning the ultimate knitting network online where like minded knitters come together and swap ideas, knitting tips and projects.

Find information on Yarn and yarn substitutions, with comprehensive tips on choosing the right yarn for your knitting projects.

See our project pages, and patterns for ideas on simple projects for beginners and we will be touching on more advanced knitting projects in due course.

There is a wide range of wools around, afghan, merino and cashmere are a few of the more exlusive varieties. Choosing yarn and substituting it to make your pattern work can be quite a skill and using yarn substitution guides is essential.

You need to take into account the stretch of the wool, the weight, the size of the needle and match this with a tension square. The last thing you want to do is be knitting out of proportion.


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